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Hours for drop off and pickup:

6:00 am to 10:00 am

4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Since this is a private home there are certain hours clients can come which must be made by appointment:

Veterinary proof of shot records are required for all dogs to board. We need current parvo/distemper combo, rabies, and bordetella (all 3 vaccines). Regarding rabies - we will need the actual certificate that shows the manufacturer and serial number of vaccine. We will also accept proof of shots provided by a low cost vaccine clinic. We WILL NOT accept pets that have been vaccinated by a breeder or their owners. Paperwork needs to show the name of vet clinic (on their letterhead), current owner's name (needs to match name on boarding reservation/questionnaire), pet's name, and expiration dates of each vaccine - dates vaccines were given are not enough as vaccines can expire anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. We cannot board any dog without the above required vaccines due to our permit with Animal Control…no exceptions! If you have a note from the vet stating that your pet cannot have certain vaccines due to age or allergic reaction please book a Pet Check-in in your home.  Also note that if you have to get any of the above shots close to boarding make sure it is at least 14 days before you drop off your pet(s) as it takes a while for the vaccines to get through a pet's system and become effective (ex: bordetella can take about 2 weeks depending on how it is administered). We require that you email or text a picture of vaccine paperwork to us 10 DAYS BEFORE your scheduled check in.


Refund/Cancellation Policy: There are no partial refunds, even if you return early to pick up your pet. Boarding cancellations made without a 72 hour notice will result in a 30% cancellation fee based on total fee quoted to you - and 50% on Holidays. This fee also applies to "no shows". We are a small boarding facility and when you make a reservation with us a spot is held just for your pet(s). When we accept your appointment we inevitably turn away other clients looking for the same service - especially during Holidays and school breaks.

FAQs from clients:

1.  How many dogs do you board at once? Will there be other dogs there while my dog(s) are boarded? – YES, up to a maximum of 5.

2.  Will my dog(s) have their own room by themselves? - it depends on how busy we are. We have 1 guest casita that we use to board and there can be anywhere from 1-5 dogs in the same room - but they are kept separate from each other so there are no confrontations.

3.  Are there any reasons you cannot board a dog? - We cannot board dogs that currently have a contagious condition or poor health, if they need insulin shots, if they bark excessively when shut in a room or left alone, if they are destructive or hard to handle/control, females that are not spayed (could go into heat), or dogs that are aggressive towards strangers. Also if your dog gets sick shortly before boarding they must be seen by a vet beforehand and we must be notified of any new illness or medications right away to confirm if we can still board them or not. 

4.  Do you offer a crate-free facility?  We try not to crate dogs as long as they are well-behaved. But sometimes they act different in a strange environment than at home. They can suffer from separation anxiety and try to get out of their room or be destructive. In those situations we have to crate the dog. The crates are very large and the dogs go outside multiple times during the day. Being crated can also make the dog feel more safe and secure - especially if they have been properly crate trained already. But if you are adamant about not crating your we will have to approve that on a case by case basis. 

5.  How far in advance do I need to book my reservation? - this is a small facility in high demand so book as soon as you book your travel reservations. We tend to book up quickly in the summer, holidays, and school breaks. You can book up to a year in advance.

6.  Do my dog(s) stay in their room all the time? - Yes except when they go outside for break times (which are at least 3 times a day, weather permitting).  if your dog tends to bark a lot when shut in a room then our boarding facility would not work for them since it is an actual home in a residential area instead of a commercial place.

7. Do you offer Doggie Daycare? - NO we do not offer regular daycare where your dog(s) come on a daily basis while you go to work. We are a small facility in high demand and need to keep space available for clients wanting multiple day boarding for when they go out of town. But we do offer pup check-ins in your home!  See Pet Check-in Service

8.  Do you live in the house where the dogs are boarded? Is there someone there 24/7? - YES we live there, we have a personal home attached to the Casita. We are a family of 8!  (4 of them are furry).  We are there most of the day, but when we are not, all the dogs are secure inside their crates in the Casita. We also have it set up as a "smart" home with cameras that notify us immediately if anything needs our attention.

9.  How long do my dog(s) get to stay outside during break time? - It really depends on the dog and how hot it is outside. Most of the time dogs do their business and then start scratching at the door. We don't leave them outside if they want to come back in. Especially in the heat.  If your pet loves the outdoors, we do have a shaded dog run in the backyard where they can get extra fresh air! 

10.  What do you do in case of an emergency health situation with a pet? - We are certified in pet CPR and/or we will take them to the nearest 24 hour vet clinic (if your vet you normally use is not open). We will also try to reach you right away.

11. What if I want to pickup my pet(s) earlier than my scheduled appointment? -You must call or text in advance to see if possible - do NOT just show up! We might have other appointments during that time.

12.  Your hours that clients can come are not convenient with my travel schedule - why can't I come during the hours 10am to 4pm? - there are a few reasons...(1) this is a private home  (2) we let clients come as early as 6:00 am and as late as 10:00 pm - local vet clinics and most other boarding facilities do not offer that  (3) we work 7 days a week, 365 days/year, including Holidays! So for all the above reasons we need to block off some personal time for ourselves during midday.

Items to bring when boarding:

1. Provide your own pet food. If you like to bag each meal make sure to bring extra just in case you get delayed returning.  We provide food and water bowls, please leave yours at home.

2. Medications (if applicable) and what you give meds with (hot dogs, peanut butter, cheese, pill pockets, etc.) - again make sure to provide extra just in case you get delayed returning.

3. A collar or a harness must be on all dogs that they cannot slip out of - we need to be able to get a hold of them.

5. Provide 50% payment in advance or at drop off (we accept cash, check, card, Zelle, or Venmo.  You are also welcome to pay in full at time of drop off, but if you become delayed there will be additional payment required.

6. Treats and toys (optional) - NO raw hides or meaty bones.

7.  Anything that makes them feel secure.  Beds, small blankets, a shirt that smells like you, etc.  We just ask that it comes in clean and free of debris.  Beds and blankets will be sprayed with Lysol and dried outside before going into the casita.


Hours:  Monday to Sunday

             6:30am to 7pm 

If your pet feels more comfortable staying at home while you are away, let Shaggy come over and give your pooches some love and attention!  We also include making sure they have fresh water and are fed if at each visit, can be just treats or a full meal.  If you are not a current Shaggy Chic Customer, we will do a complimentary 15 min Meet and Greet with your pets.

In addition you can customize the check in to fit your pet's needs.  Prices vary depending on requests and customer location.

1. Amount of visits:  1-3/day

2. Length of stay at each visit:  30-60 mins

3. Short walks (depending on temp and must be leash trained, non aggressive while on leash)

4. Pick up mail

5. Water indoor plants

6. Turn on/off lights in house

7.  Bring delivered packages inside or leave packages out for pick-up.

8.  Have other types of pets that need water and food?  We can help, just no snakes, they are cool but I just can't.

8.  Anything else, just ask and we can see if its possible!  The only thing not possible is overnight stays, sorry.

Shawn, the owner of Shaggy Chic will be the one visiting your home at this time, so I do have a limited number of spaces available per day.  

Someday soon, I do hope to have an employee assisting me with check-ins, but you will always be able to meet them in advance.  

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